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Tashara Forrest Life Reflections EP

Tashara Forrest's debut EP LIFE REFLECTIONS is now here! 

Tashara has been on an immense journey of self discovery throughout her years.  After her late mother passed away in 2010, Tashara begun pouring her emotions into her songwriting. Tashara then decided to work on an EP of refreshing heartfelt and inspirational music to encourage and uplift.

Life Reflections is a breath of fresh air filled with inspiration and positivity.


Tashara is a huge supporter of mental health and will be donating a portion of her EP proceeds  towards mental health charities.

A special message from Tashara:

My Debut EP: LIFE REFLECTIONS is full of light, uplifting positivity and encouragement. A breath of fresh air - if I do say so myself! This took years of self development and acceptance, courage, determination, being true to myself and ignoring naysayers (I could go on...).

The Back Story

Take it Easy I wrote this song while grieving the loss of my mum, it helped me through that very dark season (I am still grieving, but I am managing a lot better). I feel like it is such a timely song for where the world is right now.

You're A Star This song was inspired by my dad who always calls me his star girl! It speaks to the inner star in all of us. We are all unique beings who have something special to offer the world. I weeped in the studio when recording this song and working on this song was such a cathartic experience.

At The Dawn Years went by after writing my ideas for At The Dawn before I was able to complete it (I was going through the process which would allow me to finish it). I wrote about my battle with bullying as a child and overcoming the negative words that if we are not careful can become a negative self talk which hinders our very existence and ability to flow freely.

Angels in Disguise I have now just completed the final song Angels in Disguise written by Philippa Winkler and myself. I met Philippa on a songwriting and artist development course I did back in 2012. When I heard the song (originally Angels Don't Tell Lies), which is about the people in our lives who feel like angels in disguise with their kind and selfless actions. I fell in love with it and we worked together on this version now featured on my EP (video coming soon!)

During these dark times, I am working on keeping myself focused on positivity and I would like to encourage you to do the same although it is a very difficult at times. I have lived, witnessed and experienced the tortuous and crippling effects that mental health has on life, so I will be donating 20% to mental health charities.

So from my heart to yours, here it is, my EP: LIFE REFLECTIONS

Celebrate with me! You can listen to a PREVIEW DONATE and BUY your copy today!

A Huge and special thanks to these special angels Alexander Joseph (You're A Star and Angels in Disguise production), Qstorm Photography (EP artwork), Philippa Winkler (Angels in Disguise co-writer) and Josh Wantie (Angels in Disguise mastering) who helped to to push this EP over the finishing line during this lockdown.

I was planning to do some special online performances to celebrate my EP release this weekend, but because of the current uproar about yet another brutal murder of an innocent black man by a racist white police officer. I have decided to postpone as my soul feels very sad right now and it doesn't feel right for me to celebrate today - if you haven't heard yet, it's all over social media.

Join me on social media to stay in the know and catch my performances when they go ahead: FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM TWITTER YOUTUBE

Much love Tashara


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