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Tashara is an acclaimed, multi-award-winning singer, songwriter, and entertainer, renowned for her charismatic and dynamic performances. As the founder and managing director of Sleeke Entertainment, she leads a thriving live music entertainment company and the highly successful female vocal group, Sleeke Chix.With a sassy, soulful songstress style, Tashara has captivated audiences across the globe, injecting her signature sparkle into every performance. She has toured with legendary acts like Odyssey and Soul II Soul, sharing the stage with icons such as Jazzie B and Caron Wheeler.

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Tashara's talent has also graced television, musical theater, and film, including her recent feature on the song "Christmas Time with You" from the acclaimed 2022 film "In from the Side."

Drawing inspiration from luminaries like Diana Ross, Tina Turner, and Whitney Houston, Tashara's smooth and soulful voice, combined with her sleek sophistication, ensures each performance is a memorable experience. Her repertoire spans decades and genres, from Motown soul to disco, R&B to pop, and gospel to jazz, as well as original compositions and tributes to music legends.

With an exquisite vocal range, versatile repertoire, dynamic performance style, and extensive experience, Tashara guarantees a world-class performance for any special event. Whether it's a corporate function, wedding, or concert, Tashara is the perfect choice to elevate the atmosphere and leave a lasting impression.


Tashara recently dropped her latest single "I'm that Girl," marking her 6th independent release. Amidst the challenges of Lockdown 2020, she unveiled her debut EP Life Reflections," a collection brimming with inspiration and positivity—a true breath of fresh air. Tashara's songwriting prowess extends beyond her own releases, as she has penned tracks for numerous special events, collaborations, and shows. Notably, she crafted the soundtrack for the acclaimed musical "What’s Your Story?" back in 2008, showcasing her talent for creating memorable and evocative music across various genres and platforms.

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Tashara's expertise extends beyond her vocal talents—she's a seasoned backing singer known for her precision in executing choreography and commanding stage presence. With her ability to seamlessly blend vocals and movement, she enhances performances with a level of professionalism and flair that captivates audiences. Whether belting out harmonies or hitting choreographed moves, Tashara's presence on stage is nothing short of exceptional. 

With over 15 years of recording experience under her belt, Tashara brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Her extensive vocal range and adeptness at crafting beautiful harmony arrangements make her an invaluable asset to any team. Tashara's commitment to her craft is evident in her wholehearted contribution of creativity, ensuring that every project she undertakes is infused with passion and excellence.



Get ready for an unforgettable experience as Tashara and Sleeke Chix hit the road with their brand new show, Iconic Divas! Tickets are on sale now, offering audiences the chance to witness their spectacular performances up close.
As reigning Event Entertainment Specialist Winners for 2023-24, solidifying their status as industry leaders. With this prestigious accolade in hand, they are poised to dazzle audiences across the UK and around the globe throughout 2024. Prepare for unforgettable performances that showcase their unparalleled talent and electrifying stage presence, leaving audiences enchanted and eager for more.

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