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You're A Star Single OUT NOW!!!

Woop Woop!!! So today is the day!!!

My new single - 'You're A Star' is officially available at!!!

As mentioned in my introduction video, this song was inspired by my dad who is always speaking, affirming and encouraging words over me. I also love to read the bible and inspirational words that encourage and inspire growth, positivity and empowerment.

I recorded this song with the talented Alexander Joseph, who produced this song and brought it to life with me. I am truly grateful to him for believing in me and being an amazing friend and 'my brother from another mother!'

​Check out the new video:

I am really proud of this video and what we have been able to achieve. This video was filmed by the super talented QStorm-Photography who has recently recovered from a broken ankle, but loves my music and was determined to make this video happen. She is a real soldier, so we had to take it easy but we worked hard and did several days shooting and we got there - she is an angelic blessing!!!

I set myself the challenge of directing and then editing my very first music video, which took hours and hours of editing at night while my 4 year old son who also features in the video slept!!! I am really excited about what we have been able to achieve and really hope you are inspired, encouraged and love it as we do!

.....Annnnd guess what???? It's my birthday!!! So as my gift to you, I have made my single available as a free download all day!!! There is also a buy option if you would like to support my music even further, but most importantly, I want you to enjoy it so - go ahead and watch it, share it, stream it, buy it: YOU'RE A STAR

'You're A Star'

Written by Tashara Forrest

Produced by Alexander Joseph


Directed & Edited by Tashara Forrest

Filmed, Co-Directed by QStorm-Photography

Much love

Tashara X

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